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Mental Health Compass is a navigational and informational tool.

The on the ground services in this tool are currently specific to Melbourne's South East.  We are hoping to cover all of the greater Melbourne area soon.

If you or someone you know needs immediate help call emergency services on 000.

This is not a regularly monitored service.

Questions about mental health, physical health, or other personal issues will not be answered. Please use the information provided on this website and the links to organisations that specialize in your concerns or needs, or call helplines or emergency services to find answers to your questions and the supports you require.

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Mental Health Compass is an informational and service finder tool for service seekers, consumers, carers and professionals within Victoria.  Mental Health Compass is a not-for-profit website, dedicated to helping people find better outcomes sooner.

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The purpose of this email is for organisations and professionals to provide Mental Health Compass with updates to their contact details, needed changes to content, organisations to request to be put on Mental Health Compass or to request a reciprocal link.  Mental Health Compass is also a community tool and will not list private practices unless they provide at least some bulk billing session or are an NDIS provider. This is under the conditions of the government grant in which to tool was funding.

Personal questions and situations will not be responded to; please call emergency services 000 for help use the helplines or directory of services provided on this site to find the help and support you need.

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